A Quick Guide To Paying Property Tax In India

If you are an owner of residential or commercial property in India, then you need to pay property tax on it. The exact property tax bill is generated on factors like the size and location of the property, gender and age of the owner, among others.

If you are a property owner in India and want to know how to pay the property tax bill, then you will find this post informative. Read on!

What is the property tax in India?

The municipal tax for property is collected in every city of India by different municipal corporations.

Suppose if your property is located in New Delhi, then you will need to pay the property tax to the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC).

Nowadays, the NDMC property tax bill can be paid online on the official website of the NDMC.

Be it a commercial or residential property or a property that has been let out; all attract property tax.

If it is a vacant plot of land without any adjoining construction, then only you don’t need to pay any property tax on it.

Who calculates the property tax?

It is the municipal corporation in a city who is responsible for assessing the exact payable property tax.

You need to pay the property tax bill due either semi-yearly or annually.

If your property is located in Hyderabad, then the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) will be the authorized body to assess house tax.

For what purposes you need to pay the house tax online/offline?

The property tax bill that you pay is a major source of revenue for municipal corporations of all cities, towns and villages in India.

The revenue collected is used by municipal authorities for diverse purposes. It is mainly for maintaining and developing various area-based amenities.

These are road repairs, water and power supply, sewage and drainage, lighting and maintenance of public areas like parks and more.

The property tax bill differs from one city to another. If your property is located in Mumbai, then you won’t pay the same municipal tax in Bangalore.

How can you pay your property tax bill online and offline?

Nowadays, you don’t need to waste your time and energy in making the property tax bill offline. You can do that online from the comforts of your home. Let’s take a look at how you can pay the NDMC property tax bill online and offline:

  1. Land on the official website of the New Delhi Municipal Corporation to pay off the NDMC property tax bill online.
  2. Click on the page option that says ‘Pay Property Tax Online’.
  3. On the page that opens next, you need to feed area codes, assessment codes and details of your property such as property, owner name, mobile number etc.
  4. Once you have entered all details, you will be asked to verify all information.
  5. You will be showcased your exact property tax bill amount.
  6. Now you can proceed to make the online payment using any of the provided payment options like credit/debit cards, internet banking and more.
  7. Once your payment is successful, then you will receive an acknowledgement receipt that you can save for future references.

For paying off the NDMC property tax bill offline, you can visit the ITZ Cash Counters in North Delhi.

You are now well-versed on how to pay the due property tax bill. If you don’t make the timely payment of the property tax bill, then you will need to pay penalty charges.

If your property is not a place of worship or a school till Class 10 and belongs to Ex-Servicemen, then you will not be exempted and have to pay the municipal tax on time.          


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