How to Install Minecraft For Free on Android

How to Install Minecraft For Free on Android

Playing some games on smartphones can bring joy on a daily basis. But most of the advanced games need to be purchased in order to play. Therefore, we have step by step guide about How to Download Paid Games For Free on Android (Without Root). Wasting money on a single game is not a great way because it is only a game and nothing else. The same there are too many premium games which everybody can’t effort to buy. However, there are many possible methods and ways in which you can easily install and play paid apps and games. So, this tutorial will be guiding you on How to Install Minecraft For Free on Android.

Minecraft is an interesting game in which the player creates objects and deals with monsters and other threats. It has too many players but the problem is that the game is paid which annoys the players. If you want to install from Play Store then you have to pay 7$ for that. Most of the gamers grew their YouTube channel by playing Minecraft. If you are a normal player then you have to install it for free on your phone. Installing Minecraft for free on Mobile is really simple and straightforward. Let’s directly begin the process of installing Minecraft for free.

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Install Minecraft For Free on Android

Step 1:First go-to browsers and search happy mod click on the first web site

Click On The Happy Mod

Step 2:Then go to happy mod and “download app”

Download App.

Step 3:Th0en click on the “OK”


Step 3:Wait for downloaded

Wait For Downloading.

Step 5:When it downloaded and click on the “install”


Step 6:Then click on the “OPEN

Click On The Open.

Step 7:Allow all permission to go to the search bar and write type Minecraft.

Install Minecraft For Free on Android
Click On The Mine Craft.

Step 8:then go to the original tab and download Minecraft.

Install Minecraft For Free on Android
Then Click On The Download.

The procedure of How to Install Minecraft For Free on Android was that much. You have surely noticed how easy the installation method was. It just needs a third-party app store which will allow you to install Minecraft for free. If you notice any problem then ask us using the comment section down below.

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