How to Get & Type Emojis in Windows 10

How to Get & Type Emojis in Windows 10

Using emoji to express emotions is really fun and interesting. Start with the Anniversary Update, Windows 10 adds native support for emoji and you can use them with your keyboard or touch screen. There, you’ll find the standard range of emoji, from people to food to sports, plus Microsoft-specific emoji like the ninja. You can navigate among the various “tabs” or categories of emoji via the Tab key, and touch or mouse to the one you’d like, or use the arrow keys. The Enter key selects the proper emoji. Somewhat inexplicably, you can enter only one emoji at a time. After you enter your emoji, the keyboard disappears. That means, of course. From this tutorial, you will learn How to Get & Type Emojis in Windows 10.

What is emoji

Emoji is a word originating from Japanese to describe a type of ideogram used as a form of pictorial communication in electronic messaging on mobile telephones .a small digital image or symbol used in electronic communication to convey an idea or feeling. Emoji is the real image. have also changed significantly; smartphones, in particular. have become the main way we use apps.  and services to keep tabs on the most important people in our lives. Method 1: How to Get & Type Emojis in Windows 10. we take a look at the emoji.

How to Get & Type Emojis in Windows 10

Step 1: First right click on the taskbar and click on the Show touch keyboard button.

Click On The how Touch Keyboard Button.

Step 2: Now you see the keyboard option.

Click On The Keyboard.

Step 3: Than click on the emoji.

Click On The Emoji.

Step 4: Your wish you can click any emoji.

Get & Type Emojis in Windows 10
Your Wish What You Like.
Method 2:Type Emojis using Keyboard Shortcuts

Step 1: shortcut of emoji is a window + (dot)

Step 2: There is a lot of emoji to pick from.

Get & Type Emojis in Windows 10
Pick Up Any Emoji.

Step 3: Open your note pad and open the emoji and right there.

Get & Type Emojis in Windows 10
Write Any Emoji.

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Emoji is a great source to show emotion or feeling. The methods are explained on How to Get & Type Emojis in Windows 10. So, if you want to use Emoji on your Windows 10 then these methods are the best.

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