How to Block YouTube Ads on Chrome

How to Block YouTube Ads on Chrome on Windows 10

If you want to see adds-free videos on YouTube then you have the option to use Premium. Adblock plus has been installed on over 10 million google Chrome. The block website & youtube adds. What is about Adblock Plus is that it supports the stand for Acceptable. It means it will show ads that do not monitor your browsing activity. It takes a tall time to loads that website still earn. We all use Google Chrome for different purposes. Form different websites to watching a youtube video. There is a direct way to block ads on YouTube within YouTube apps. From this tutorial, you will learn How to Block YouTube Ads on Chrome on Windows 10.

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How to Block YouTube Ads on Chrome on Windows 10

Step 1: Go to chrome web store

Step 2: and search for Adblock plus

Then Click On The Add To Chrome.

Step 3: Click add extension

Block YouTube Ads on Chrome
Click On The Add Extension.

Step 4: When you can install the Adblock plus in the top of the corner of the page.

Block YouTube Ads on Chrome
First Click On AdBlock Plus.

It is the only and smart way to Block Ads on YouTube videos. Some people are really disturbed by the ads on YouTube because while watching their favorite series suddenly ads will pop up which is not good at all. There is good news that you can also block the ads on a particular website as well.

Also, there is some third-party software that can block ads. But the process of turning on from third-party software is somehow lengthy. That is a Google Chrome’s extension, by one click you can block all the ads which appear there.

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