How to Access iCloud Account on Windows PC | 2 Easy Ways

How to Access iCloud Account on Windows PC | 2 Easy Ways

iCloud is for the apple phone. however, Without the iCould, you do not download any game. So, I could have been around for a while now but much new macs users and also some Mac users. iCould is a software which we use for the iPhone. iCloud is Helpful for everyone. Anyone have an iPhone and it uses iCloud for the mobile. Apple has also designed iCloud for Windows operating system. iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple. 2-way access to the iCloud Account on Windows. So, In this article, I want to say that How to Access iCloud Account on Windows PC | 2 Easy Ways.

How to Access iCloud Account on Windows PC | 2 Easy Ways?

Step 1: First of all open your Google browser and type

Open the iCloud Website

Step 2: You will get the iCloud official website, go on, and enter your valid Apple ID.

Enter The Apple ID.

Step 3: After you write to your Apple id and you write the password of the apple id.

Apple ID Password.

Step 4: For better security, you will have two-factor authentication. Apple has sent you two-factor authentication. Now enter the code and login into your iCloud.

Verification Code.

Step 5: After verification, you will get your iCloud Account with various options. Easily access any information which you want.

I could Drive

Step 6: Select one picture I could and click on the Recycle bin.

Download or Delete Photos from iCloud

Step 7: Select the Notes option and wait to be opened.


How to Access iCloud Account using iCloud Software?

Step 1: So, Go to the Download folder and double-click on the setup of iCloud that you have downloaded.  However ,the iCloud installer window will be open, you will get various options but choose I agree with the terms in the license agreement and click Install.

Install I could.

Step 2: Wait for the installation to be complete.

Installing iCloud.

Step 3: When it is done and click on the finish.

Click On The Finish.

Step 4: You will get a dialogue box of Restart message, click Yes to configure the settings of iCloud.

Login to iCloud

Signing off…

When you have an iPhone and you forgot the iCould and your mobile does not open. There is two simple way on the How to Access iCloud Account on Windows PC., So, it may be a good time to try it out for yourself. So, if you are facing a problem so leave a comment in the comment section down below.

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