With a whopping 1.5 billion active users a month, WhatsApp has established its presence as the biggest messaging platform. 

As a leisure activity business, you need to understand the importance of being engaged in platforms where your customers are active. The right engagement can either make or break your business and decide where you stand.

As per the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, many countries view WhatsApp as a trusted source of news.

Now, let us look at tips and tricks on how you can effectively use it to reach your target audience.

Personalized Communication

If you are making the best use of WhatsApp, your groups will continue to grow. As they grow, you can have one-on-one interactions with customers. 

This is particularly beneficial for small businesses as it becomes easier for customers to directly message you and seek support. It can help them if they need a specific product, have questions, or need customer support.

Calling Customers

In addition to interacting and marketing with your customers via messaging, you can also connect with them via phone calls.

Whenever you get a customer request, you can respond right away by calling them within the app.

Share Promotions and Sales on WhatsApp Status

The all-new WhatsApp feature allows you to share special promotional codes for customers to redeem and get exciting deals. You can also use the instant photo and location feature to distribute promotion codes. This will help the people added to your groups know about the promotions. 

Interestingly, this can be a two to three-hour flash sale or one-day event. Still, it has an immense ability to drive traffic and create hype. Once you are successful in running this campaign, you can plan more such events. 

Establish Relationships with Influencers

It is possible that people in other groups are not interested in your products or services. However, they might mention your brand in different groups and channels. Thus, helping people interested in your business to find you. 

Create Quality Content

Well, this goes without saying, “Content is the King.” Just like quality content is essential for your site, it is equally important in WhatsApp. 

For WhatsApp, your messages need to be short and crisp. While you need not worry about the length of your content as you do on Twitter, but every single word counts. 

Your word choice and tone should resonate with your audience, or you’ll see very little engagement. A wise idea would be to keep it simple, engaging, and focus on your customers’ benefits.

Third-Party Analytics

With any marketing campaign comes the important part of analytics. You need to keep track and analyze your traffic, so you can optimize your campaigns. 

Interestingly, there are many third-party apps and software that provide WhatsApp analytics. 

You can use Google Analytics to get access to WhatsApp analytics data and fine-tune your social media strategy for reaching the right audiences.

Create Broadcast Lists

Creating lists that are related to specific topics or audience segments is a must. Once you prepare the lists, you can send them and increase engagement, just like you do on Twitter. 

You can also choose to include offers, links, or invitations in your messages. Let’s say you have an upcoming event or launch that will interest your audience; broadcast lists are the way to go!

Use Group Chat

Group messages come in handy when you need to conduct market research before launching a product or service.

Moreover, it is the best way for you to provide exclusivity to specific customer groups. Furthermore, it is a way to encourage your customers to interact with one another. In this way, they can introduce other existing customers to try a new service or product they’ve never tried before.

WhatsApp group chats are beneficial for you and your customer. There are chances that interacting with your customers will help you connect to an international audience in the long run. 

Offer Customer Service on WhatsApp

Providing fast customer service is a luxury for many small businesses, particularly leisure activity ones. However, with WhatsApp, your staff can answer and address customer queries quickly.

Since WhatsApp offers multimedia messaging, you can easily provide personalized customer service using text, audio, or video. What’s more? You can even offer live-video help and tutorials on WhatsApp. This will further streamline the customer support process for both you and your customers.

Another exciting feature is WhatsApp’s desktop application. If you are using customer support software on your desktop, you can merge the two and provide even faster customer service.

Get Feedback

Instead of calling customers for feedback, you can send questions to your customer list via WhatsApp. As a matter of fact, the open rate for WhatsApp messages is 70%. 

When you receive feedback, you can directly respond to their requests within the app. This can help you improve the products or services that you offer.

Interestingly, you don’t just stick to traditional questionnaires. You can choose to develop entertaining and creative questionnaires. These will serve as a reflection of your brand. It will also enable you to interact with your customers in a fun and way.

Since their feedback is important, you can reward them with coupons to encourage brand loyalty. This goes a long way and works as part of a customer retention strategy.

Just as WhatsApp continues to grow from a messaging app to a major social media platform, so will your marketing efforts.  

You can use it to distribute files, videos, images, and texts about your products and services. Interestingly, it is a free way to spread the word about your brand and better understand your customers’ needs.  

Did we miss out on any of your favorite tricks? Let us known in the comments section below!

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