This app answers prank calls and blocks 99% of spam calls. It uses an intelligent call blocking algorithm that intercepts spam calls in less than 0.01 seconds. It also has funny Answer Bots that waste scammers’ time. The program comes with a blacklist of over 500 million known phone scammers, and you can even adjust its call blocking levels to suit your personal needs.

RoboKiller offers a number of advanced customization features, including a personalized A.I. call screener, pause call blocking, block & allow lists, and alerts. It also protects you from targeted neighbor spammers by tracking new spam call trends in your area. It also helps you report phone scams and eliminates 95% of spam texts.

The FCC recently announced that car warranty scam calls have dropped 37% since the crackdown. These results are encouraging and show that with a unified effort, we can completely eliminate unwanted calls. Another major scam affecting Americans is brand imposter scams. These scammers pose as Apple, Google, and Amazon and target consumers.

Eliminate 99% of robocalls with RoboKiller

800-357-1509 is an automatic call blocker that works by using an algorithm to predict spam calls and block them before they reach you. It is more effective than the National Do Not Call Registry because it detects spam calls ahead of time and blocks them before they even ring.

Its advanced call blocking algorithms use machine-learning and A.I. to block spam calls and spam texts.

RoboKiller’s algorithms are based on proprietary data and user feedback. They are not representative of any particular political party, person, or organization.

In 2018, Americans received more than 6.2 billion spam calls, up 28% from the previous year. The recent COVID-19 pandemic forced spammers to get smarter and more creative.

According to RoboKiller, spammers are using text messaging as another medium to target Americans. In fact, spam text messages exceeded spam calls in August by more than 20%. While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what caused the spike, there is no doubt that texting remains an effective form of communication for spammers.

Scammers increasingly using local area codes to trick customers

Scammers are using local area codes to trick customers. These phone numbers often resemble real ones and are more likely to be answered by the recipient. They can also trick caller ID systems. Most people do not answer a call from an unfamiliar area code or one that does not have a caller ID. However, by using these fake numbers, scam artists can entice people to answer the phone and make a sale.

Another tactic scammers are using to trick customers is neighborhood spoofing. By using the same area code as a neighbor’s, scammers can make their calls appear more legitimate. However, while this tactic can be tricky, robocall blocker apps have become increasingly capable of detecting it.

The scammers use these numbers in an attempt to trick customers into thinking that the call originated from the United States.

The number of scam calls is expected to reach pre-pandemic levels this year, according to T-Mobile. The worse part is that the bad actors are becoming more aggressive. As long as they can make money, scammers will keep on calling.

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