If your child is requesting ballet classes, but you’ve never taken ballet, you may feel overwhelmed trying to make the best decisions for them. You may have no idea what makes one ballet academy better than another.

Have no fear! Here you can read about how to choose a ballet academy and all of the signs to look for that your child will receive the best ballet education possible.

1. Teacher Experience and Accreditation

Not everyone can teach ballet. Even former ballet students have not learned enough to take on the massive responsibility of teaching new students.

Ballet can be dangerous when not done correctly. A good ballet teacher has the experience, knowledge, and accreditation necessary to notice problems in your dancer and correct them before an injury occurs. You also don’t want a teacher teaching bad techniques early because it will be harder to correct later.

Look to see that the teacher has experience dancing with professional companies, has participated in top-notch ballet programs, and holds certification in a specific ballet technique. Which technique (Vaganova, RAD, etc.) doesn’t matter as long as they have certification.

2. The Studio Appearance

Take a tour of the dance studio before you sign your child up for lessons. The studio should be brightly lit, have many mirrors for checking form, and multiple bars to accommodate all students. Ballet studios must have sprung floors to prevent injury and should be kept clean of debris. A well kept studio is one of the signs of a good ballet academy.

3. Curriculum Recommendations

When interviewing different ballet schools, the teachers should take an interest in your students’ skill level and be ready to recommend the right class level for them.

Age is not the most important consideration when placing your child. Find a teacher whose number one concern is the safety and appropriate skill level for your child. There’s no need to rush because ballet takes a long time to master safely. Read more here about proper ballet curriculums.

4. Where the Focus Lies

Some ballet schools are mostly focused on preparing for recitals and concerts. Other schools focus on building techniques and training. Recitals will come when they come, but in order to ensure a future of well-performed ballet, the focus must be on training first and foremost.

The best ballet academy focuses on ballet etiquette, strength, and technique. A bad school focuses on simply memorizing and performing steps. Ask to sit in on a class so you can see where their focus is.

5. Culture

Etiquette is important in the world of ballet. If your dancer one day hopes to become professional, they’ll need to know that etiquette backward and forwards in order to make a good impression in auditions.

One of the signs of the best ballet school with a culture of proper etiquette is what the students are wearing. Look for schools with a uniform of black leotards and pink tights especially for younger dancers.

6. Class Size

Class size is also important. Smaller class sizes tend to be better because students will get individualized corrections and care. However, make sure it isn’t a small class because there are problems with the studio.

A Ballet Academy You Can Feel Confident In

Choosing the right ballet academy is an investment in your child’s future with dance. Look for a school with the right teachers, a good curriculum and culture, and a clean space for him or her to learn in.

You can find out more about keeping your child healthy and safe in their extracurriculars in our other Sports articles.

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