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Top 6 best HorrorSrerial in Netflix

Creeped Out

Do you like most guys creeping out of your balcony or perhaps you’re not sure whether there’s some old Supernatural Force haunting your house and who knows it might actually be a serial killer running around in your area. Even if these were just ideas for you Netflix sure wants to run along with your imagination to put on your blankets and get your popcorn.

Creeped out and as the name implies is short to creep you out rather than following a linear plot sequence each episode deals with a different incident and ends with the appearance of a mysterious man who covers himself with a mask name the Curious the Curious claims that he’s a collector of stories in each incident happening in the episode is a new story for him with the setting and plot of each episode being different.

You’ll be introduced to a massive cast of interesting characters each with their own unique situation. The directors have claimed that the idea of creating a A man named curious was to give the feeling of Gothic horror to the series and with him appearing at the end of each episode. We can agree that done a pretty good job with it. The series ran for two seasons with a total of 26 episodes.

Black summer

Black summer a zombie apocalypse TV series that’s made its way onto Netflix.

This series is about a mother named Rose who separated from a daughter Hannah during a zombie apocalypse during her journey to search for her daughter. She meets other refugees and together. They combat the Did the world are living in one of the great things about black summer is as dystopian World building the series manages to effectively showcase the zombie apocalypse by showing the gritty environment that the survivors are in it also manages to heighten the stakes of the Survivors by providing them with more challenging obstacles with the development of the story, even though it doesn’t reach the level of Walking Dead it still manages to pull off a decent zombie Blockbuster. The series has one season and even though it feels like a short one. These episodes can give you a call Dead versus Living Action.


We have slasher an anthology horror Canadian TV series that focuses on a masked executioner who terrorizes his victims each season follows the story of him within its Eight Episodes, but it all happens in different settings. The first season happens around the town of Waterbury and focuses on a serial killer known as the execution of the second season, then shifts the focus to a group of summer camp counselors were targeted by a serial killer then we have the third season focusing on a group of neighbors who witnessed.

Murder in front of their apartment complex. All of these seasons are Loosely attached to each other with the show giving more focus on its horror aspects rather than trying to establish a continued storyline critics have praised the show for its bloody violence and neatly crafted plot twists. If you need one of those horror murder mysteries, don’t forget to add this to your watch list.


Now we all know the tale of the most famous vampire of them all in the world don’t wave but his TV series still manages to accomplish the tale of the character in an interesting way this Netflix TV series follows the story of Dracula with the first Arc talking about his origins in Eastern Europe and then moves on to explain his battle with Van Helsing before the series was released Netflix claimed that they’ll be adding more Gore and violence to the original story to flesh out the vulnerability of the character and we’re proud to say that they’ve managed to keep their Promise. He also gained positive reviews from critics with special praise given to the show’s director of the series stars Clays Bank Dottie Wells and John Hepburn and released on the 1st of January 2020.


Hemlock Grove a series based on the 2012 novel of the same name this Gothic horror TV series revolves around the incidence of a fiction. Town named Hemlock Grove in Pennsylvania. The town has two main sources of employment the hemlock acres and an Institute of biomedical research in the premise of season one. We see how two teenage girls are brutally murdered and how the people suspect the romanee boy who is secretly a werewolf in season two, we introduced to a cult that’s risen to destroy the supernatural creatures in Hemlock grave and shows how people gradually lose their Humanity over time, even though the show failed to impress is still doing a pretty good job by maintaining horror through violence and personally speaking. It has the Feeding is Twilight. The series is currently at three seasons and no new season has yet to be confirmed.


Screamed and Anthology / a TV series based on the screen media franchise, even though the characters of the seasons Dipper the concept of the show Remains the Same a group of teenagers get stored and threatened by am a serial killer about the main character of the first two series is ever do vow. His background is related to the darkened Mystic past of the Lakewood Town as a new serial killer approaches. Emma has to confront her past to save her family. The third season follows D on Elliott whose tragic past is used by a killer named go

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