4 Top Acting Audition Tips (2022)4 Top Acting Audition Tips (2022)

Recent statistics tell an interesting story about the profession of acting. Only two percent of actors can make a living acting.

Are you getting ready for an audition and hoping to join this two percent? Before you go to your next audition, there are some critical acting audition tips you need to adhere to so that you can make a great impression in front of directors.

If you are ready to become a part of the cast, keep reading and note these top tips.

1. Be Prepared and On Time

With a first impression, you get one shot. So, if you have a monologue or song, and you mess up, that’s it. The best way to help you prevent making a mistake in your performance is to come practiced and prepared.

Memorize your acting audition. Further, be on time. If you are late, they won’t hire you.

The best thing to do is arrive early, especially so that you can complete any paperwork they have without rushing through it with sloppy handwriting. 

2. Be Kind and Courteous 

Of all the audition tips you hear, it is important to note that your audition extends beyond your acting. People notice your attitude. If you misbehave or are rude in the lobby or to the staff, even a flawless performance cannot get you the gig.

Know that you portray yourself as difficult to work with, they will cut you from the cast. 

3. Interacting With the Directors

When you first enter the room of the acting audition, tell the people you are delivering the piece to your name. Then, tell them the name of the piece that you are prepared to give. Introducing yourself in a warm and professional manner makes a good first impression.

As you deliver your piece, be careful not to look at the people you are presenting to directly. However, if you have directions to do so, then you can look at them directly.

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4. Mistakes Happen

No one is perfect. You can memorize and prepare, but get nervous and make a mistake, anyway. It’s okay.

When this happens, do not give the people you are auditioning for an apology. It is possible that they will not even notice. If you point out the mistake, though, they will know the mistake you made.

As Dory would sing in the hit Disney movie Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

Acting Guide

While there are many acting tips you learn from friends and colleagues, certain ones will make the biggest difference in your career. For a successful acting audition, keep in mind the following.

  • Have confidence when you walk through the door
  • Let your personality shine through
  • Know your material enough that you can make eye contact, build a connection
  • Know the character you wish to play
  • Understand the character’s purpose in the story
  • Understand the challenges your character is facing
  • Even an evil character at some point should be likable
  • Play more than one emotion so the audience should feel a variety of emotions

While these are a lot of acting tips to sink in and practice, these are key to your success. Also, these are skills you can build.

Acting Audition Tips

We hope that these great acting audition tips will help you deliver a performance that is perfect and gets you the role! For more ways to succeed, don’t leave us. We have many more articles to help you perform like a boss.

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