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As of August 2021 reports, the US painter’s market size stood at $37 billion. This was an approximately 3.2% increase from 2020.

The growth comes as more home and business owners realize the benefits of hiring professional painters.

The idea of painting a business premise is often overlooked. Most business owners view it as an off-expenditure. They fail to realize the significant role painting plays in customers’ attraction and retention.

Painting is the secret to creating a positive first impression. It helps in building a strong brand and ensuring compliance. You, however, need a reliable commercial painter to enjoy the numerous benefits and differentiate your premises from your competitors’.

Whether you have a newly built space or want to renovate an old one, here are ten commercial painter’s benefits.

1. Quality Assurance

Reliable commercial painters employ cutting-edge technology, quality paint, and expertise to assure you of high-quality work. The paint job will certainly pass the test of time.

Expert painters understand the importance of completing every step of preparation before moving to the next phase. They are not in a hurry to complete the work in a day or two without minding quality.

The contract includes a favorable time frame, so they can take all the time they need to perfect their craft.

The professionals leave no room for guesswork. They have dealt with different types of paint before, so they understand the best quality. They have worked on various surface types, so they know the tools and tricks to use on each to ensure quality work.

Most importantly, the painters care about their reputation and can not risk offering low-quality services that damage their ratings and reviews.

Take your time to search for the most reliable commercial painters based on online reviews. You may also ask for recommendations from family, friends, or colleagues before settling for one.

2. The Commercial Painter Is Experienced

Deciding to make some business improvements is easy. The hardest task comes in selecting trustworthy contractors for the project, especially among thousands of providers in the market.

One of the critical aspects to consider in your selection is experience. An experienced commercial painter has acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to offer services that exceed your expectations.

A quality guarantee will help to choose a service provider specializing in commercial painting, such as CG Commercial Painting. Such contractors understand the safest paints, technology, and equipment for the job.

Some business types require specific types of paint for safety reasons. For instance, hospitals need antimicrobial paints to allow for room disinfection. Similarly, rooms meant for people with asthma and similar conditions require zero VOC paint.

Hiring an experienced person for your painting project saves you from making errors that could cost your business in the long run. The expert will advise you on the ideal type of paint and the dos and don’ts to keep your employees, visitors, and property safe.

3. Safety Is Guaranteed

Commercial painters are experienced and knowledgeable about creating a safe work environment. Their commitment is to offer a hazard-free project from the beginning to the finish.

If you have tried painting before, you understand that the activity poses injuries and property damage. This is where expert painters come through with their expertise and quality equipment to eliminate the chances of errors.

The service providers are equipped with ladders, lifting machines, and safety restraints to protect the contractors from falling.

They also understand that carelessly placed equipment or paint cans can cause accidents. The contractors are trained in the necessary precautions to prevent stumbles, drops, and spills.

Furthermore, hiring experts protects your workers’ and customers’ health. Why hire a commercial painter when you can entrust the task to your employees? This is one of the common dilemmas among business owners.

Investing in commercial painting helps impress customers. It also ensures a fresh, safe, and welcoming atmosphere for your employees and visitors. Most importantly, quality paintwork can boost workplace safety and health.

As your building’s paintwork deteriorates, it starts giving out harmful particles and toxic fumes that compromise the air quality in your space. And when your employees and visitors inhale those toxins, their health is compromised.

Similarly, the paint particles may affect the workers’ vision. And this adversely affects their productivity.

Hiring commercial painters ensure a well-done job that improves the overall safety of your business premises.

4. The Painters Are Insured

You cannot possibly overlook the benefits of hiring an insured contractor, and a commercial painter is not an exception. Your primary aim is to protect your employees, assets, and finances. It would help if you had peace of mind knowing that whatever happens during the painting process, you are covered.

Hiring an insured painter saves you from liability. This means that if the unexpected happens and someone gets injured, you will not be liable for their medical bills and other related expenses. 

Furthermore, if the providers are insured, it shows that they take their work seriously. They do not just care about getting work and earning a living. They have their customers’ best interests at heart. So you can trust them for quality work.

Insurance indicates the painters’ credibility. It shows that they have been in the industry for a long time. Thus, you can trust them with your property.

Take the initiative to look for an insured and licensed commercial painter, and rest assured of incredible paintwork that you can barely enjoy if you entrust the task to your employees.

5. Create More Time to Be Productive

In business, time is money. You cannot afford to spend more time on areas you are not best at, as that can quickly kill your end goal.

Your workers may be good at sales, customer service, and other tasks around your business. But painting is not their stronghold.

Delegating paintwork to employees forces them to abandon what they do best to focus on something they are less knowledgeable about. They are likely to make tons of mistakes, forcing them to redo the job over and over, and eventually, they may not reach your quality expectations.

Hiring commercial painters save you from such frustrations. High productivity means letting the experts do what they do best and leaving your workers to handle what they love.

Moreover, the expert painters have the skills and equipment needed to handle the task within the shortest time. You no longer have to close your business for days or even weeks as you wait for paintwork to be completed.

The expert painters will thoroughly assess your building before offering an estimated timeframe. They will strive to meet the given deadline while ensuring quality work. This guarantees that your business will not be off-limits to use beyond the agreed period.

6. Minimal to No Interruptions

The top benefit of hiring a commercial painter for your business is to ensure continuous operations. The professionals prioritize your convenience. They are trained to work quietly and effectively to ensure minimal disturbances.

With reliable service providers, your company can still be up and running throughout the painting project. This helps you maintain your customers and maximize your revenue.

Even better, most commercial painters have flexible hours to accommodate your operations. For instance, they can opt to work in the evening hours when you are done with your day-to-day activities. Others will suggest painting during the holidays or off-peak season.

It will help to discuss with the contractors the working hours and how they intend to reduce interruptions. As much as you want to renovate and improve your space, that does not mean that all the other activities should come to a standstill until you are done.

7. Save Money

Most business owners shy away from hiring commercial painters because of the cost. They assume that outsourcing painting services is expensive and would rather do without it. But that’s because they fail to look at things from the right perspective.

Hiring a trustworthy and reliable commercial painter will save you money in the long run. The professional comes prepared with the necessary tools and equipment for the job. You, therefore, don’t have to invest in items that you probably won’t need again.

Furthermore, with their experience and expertise, commercial painters assure you of quality work. You can trust that the pain work will serve you for an extended period without the need for a redo. This is a great money saver because you don’t have to buy more paint and pay a contractor for some years.

The service providers are insured, saving you from liability costs. Quality air ensures fewer sick days and absenteeism cases, equivalent to more money savings.

Nonetheless, it will help to look for an affordable commercial painter to enjoy this benefit. Make a price comparison and consider the payment plans. But don’t let the urge to save misguide you and push you to select an inexperienced contractor.

Sometimes, a low price can be a turn-off as it may indicate low-quality service. It would be better to pay more for quality painting services than to pay less for a paint job that does not meet your expectations.

8. Maintain Structural Integrity

Professional commercial painters undergo comprehensive training to handle paint, equipment, and spot issues. The experts can identify problems in your business building, such as worn-out foundations and soft spots on the roof before they get out of hand.

Early problem detection is critical for structural safety. Also, it saves you from having to make major repairs, thus saving you money and time. The painter can also suggest the best solution to the issues to prevent them from reoccurring.

This is not the case if you decide to take over your painting project. You will be so focused on the paintwork that you will have no eyes for anything else going on with your structure. And by the time you notice the damage, your building has lost its integrity, and your assets are in danger.

Furthermore, the expert painter knows how to take extra care and protect the repairs before painting once repairs are made.

9. Improve the Building’s Aesthetics

The key to improving your building’s design and aesthetics is a good paint color scheme. Selecting the right colors and patterns for your premises can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be with the assistance of a commercial painter.

You have limitless color options, which can be overwhelming. A skilled painter will help you develop the perfect aesthetic to suit your business niche and your personal preference.

The commercial painter has handled similar projects before. They understand which colors work best for different building types. Whether your building is a hospital, school, hotel, or office space, leave the color scheme selection to the expert to help you rejuvenate your space.

10. Attract More Customers

One way to know if your office building needs painting is by observing visitors’ reactions. As earlier mentioned, good paintwork creates a good first impression, which helps you attract and retain customers.

Investing in quality paint is a way of adding charm to your building’s interior and exterior. The exterior lures customers to visit the business premises and inquire about your service. They may end up making purchases or not. The bottom line is that you are on the right track to making big deals.

The aesthetic appeal of your business building is the best way to market a brick-and-mortar business. Make it sit pretty by hiring a commercial painter to transform it, and watch as the magic happens.

Transform Your Space, Save Money and Boost Your Revenue with a Commercial Painter

From the benefits above, it is evident that hiring a commercial painter is the secret to improving visitors’ impressions of your business. The idea facilitates a safe and healthy working environment, thus increasing productivity. It saves you money and time.

Conduct thorough research when choosing a painter that meets your needs and budget. Pay attention to their experience, reputation, and the type of technology and equipment they use for the job.

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