It is hard to not take notice of disruptions happening in one’s surroundings. We admire consistency and even sameness to some extent. So, When these things take a turn, we tend to become more involved in the underlying process of it. Though sometimes, people do not get the gist of how impactful a change can be.

Coworking is such a culture that is disrupting a very integral part of modern-day society, i.e Offices. And there are several reasons why people from all walks of life and business shouldn’t ignore the coworking office culture

There will be more than 40 percent of the workforce that will be at least trying out coworking workspaces by 2020-21

The economy has taken a massive transition on the global scale recently. The corporate structure is going to rely heavily on contractual and remote workers. This brings us to the figure mentioned above and will be completely transformative for all businesses and employees.

Coworking works extremely well in reducing stress and elevates the overall well being of an individual

There are a plethora of reasons that lead to lower levels of work-related stress while working out of a co-working office space. One could be utilizing the smooth operations, centrally located workspace, shared and bustling environment, boutique interiors, etc. These aspects are generally missing in a traditional workspace.

By the end of 2021, coworking spaces will constitute 20 percent of all office spaces

There is a one-in-five chance that your workplace will be situated in a coworking space along with other businesses and remote working individuals. This could be seen as a massive disruption to the current corporate structure as two-third of all coworking will expand their premises.

Your counterparts working out of a coworking are more productive

It could be easily concluded that two people working in the same sector, at the same designation would have different levels of productivity if one was working in a traditional office and the other was operating out of a coworking, the latter would be more productive. On average, 83 percent of coworking members feel more productive compared to a regular office.

It is an amazing proposition for startups and SMEs to run their operations

Running a business or an innovative venture is a daunting task and managing an office on top of it could hamper one’s process. Overhead costs, staffing, maintenance, etc. could easily be gotten rid of by subscribing to coworking desks. They prove to be 40 to 60 percent more cost-effective.

It is providing massive networking opportunities to its members

Networking is an intangible yet one of the most valued propositions of coworking. The way professionals network and create new avenues has changed a lot with shared workspaces. If you compare two solopreneurs, then the one operating out of a coworking will have a better network and more opportunities than the one working in an individual capacity.

It is altering the concept of 9-5

It is reported that only 30 percent of all working people like to work during normal work hours. Flexibility is more preferred by people and coworking spaces provide exactly that to their members. 24/7 access allows the members to work from their preferred workspace at their preferred time.

It is being adopted by professionals of a wider age group

Though the number indicates that young people are more inclined towards this new culture, the average age of those who use coworking is increasing every year. In 2018, 78 percent of coworking members were below the age of 40. But, from early 2012 to 2017, the median age went up by 2 years, i.e 33 to 35.

Coworking spaces provide a confidence boost to its subscribers

The vibe of a coworking space is an amalgamation of several aspects. It elevates the sense of meaning, builds a community, and eventually imparts confidence in its members. 90 percent of the members vouch for this benefit of a coworking space.

It is becoming an integral part of the overall life of the member

Coworking spaces are designed and built in a way that tends to fit in the life of its members that occurs outside of work. Its boutique interior space, amenities, regular activities, etc. brings the actual sense of work-life balance to its members. This is something that traditional workspaces have been unable to achieve on a large scale.

Final Thoughts

The coworking business model and its culture is path-breaking. A disruption that could be safely termed as ‘Corporate Revolution’. Professionals from all sorts of industries are making the best use of coworking. Information technology, PR, and marketing are the biggest contributors to the membership base, and that makes a strong case for this revolution as the industries and professionals of the future would be best suited in a coworking environment.

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